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For the CD / DVD "Dance vita luminance Alarm 1" he was awarded double gold. But Tom Lehel will not only entertain children: The father of three is actively engaged in the interests of the little ones, a longtime ambassador of the "children's laughter e.V." and is "Ronald McDonald House Charities". David Behre David Behre (Source: David Behre) he has dreamed of professional athletes in Motorcross to be a child. But when he was 20 years old, David Behre lost both legs and part of the lower leg in a train accident. Only four days after the accident, he happened to see the South African runner Oscar Pistorius on television, which ran with carbon prosthesis against able-bodied sprinters and won. This scene motivated him immediately to be sprinters. That was in 2007. Two years later Behre, Member won at TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen, his first World Championship medals, in 2012 he entered for the first time at the Paralympics, bringing in London with German sprint relay bronze. In Rio he is again this year while at the Paralympics. Behre committed to inclusion and works as a motivational speaker for people who have lost limbs in an accident. 2013 he published his biography "Sprint back to life". In an interview with the athlete that he did not wish to have his legs once said: "Now I live the life of a professional athlete, like I always wanted - albeit in a roundabout way. I am just so happy, "Halim Hosny Halim Hosny .


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